Wig Maintenance

In order for hair to last long I recommend gently co-washing hair on a weekly basis if worn daily and shampooing when needed if you've used a lot of product and notice a build up on hair. Our hair doesn’t require a lot of products. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle and hang to air dry. And remember to treat hair as your own for longevity. 

Please be advised that bleaching your knots will weaken lace, if needed, do so carefully. You can just use your foundation powder or cream on lace to make it match your complexion.

Product Recommendations

Any Loreal Shampoo or Conditioner

Nairobi Foam Setting Mousse

Hawaiian Silky Moisture Spray

Chi Hair Serum (very small amount needed)


Do not use oil it was cause matting of hair

Bleaching of hair will loosen curl pattern but can be dyed

Salt water or pool chlorine can damage integrity of hair